If you’ve ever considered taking a lesson, look no further.  With the expertise that Mike brings and the state-of-the-art technology he uses, you will maximize your game in no time.  When I went to see Mike, he watched me hit three balls and accurately analyzed the mistakes in my swing.  In just 3 lessons, I was ball-striking like I never have.  He works with the swing you have and makes it work for you and your goals.  You’ll be disappointed if you choose to go anywhere else   Greg B., Gilbert, AZ

If you’ve ever considered taking a lesson, look no further. 

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PGA Director of Instruction, Mike Schlund,
has taken Golf Instruction in the East Valley to a new level!

The Golf Academy at Power Ranch is proud to introduce a state of the art 900 square foot Instruction Building. This new structure will open up more lesson opportunities with expanded weekend and evening hours.

The new facility is climate controlled for year round lessons and will feature a Flightscope launch monitor which provides 27 data points for ball/club data to help fine tune the instruction/learning process as well as custom club fittings.

Live feed video analysis featuring high speed GIGE cameras will simultaneously provide two different vantage points of the swing.
This video analysis will be crucial to real time improvement as well as monitoring swing changes over a period of time.

Edufii will also be introduced as a learning tool.
This app and PC program will allow students to access lesson notes, drills and swing videos to enhance their practice time. Out of state students can upload a swing video to their profile and take a “virtual” lesson with Instructor analysis.