About Mike Schlund


Mike Schlund
Owner & Director of Instruction
The Golf Academy at Power Ranch
Phone (480) 200-4148

Mike Schlund is the Director of Instruction at Trilogy Golf Club @ Power Ranch. He has been a Teaching Pro since 1996 and earned Class “A” status in the PGA in 2002. He has worked in golf since 1988. Mike has familiarized himself with all aspects of the business of golf, from Grounds Maintenance to Assistant Professional to Teaching Professional at both private and public facilities.

Mike solidified his Teaching Pro Career from 2000 – 2003 when he served as Director of Instruction at two facilities working under Top 100 teacher Scott Sackett. Teaching both private lessons and golf schools during that time, Mike learned how to cater my swing thoughts and techniques to a very diverse clientele. It was then that he was introduced to video swing analysis. Mike is of the opinion that this technology is priceless for both the instructor and for the student.

Mike strongly believes that you can’t teach everyone to swing the same way. He analyzes not only the technical but the person and applies principles and positions that need to be followed during the golf swing. Everyone is built differently with different levels of athleticism and flexibility. Each student must be catered to based on these characteristics. Mike promises "I will never change a swing unless the student specifically asks me to start from scratch.


My goal with each student is to work with what you have and enhance it to make the game more enjoyable. The most important thing a person can get out of golf lessons is a road map to success. If the student can stay on course with what we are working on then the results will eventually be there. The urge to “give up” on the instruction and revert back to old, comfortable habits is something that everyone will want to do but if we can stay on track things will get better in the long run."

About Jesse Hafdal


Jesse Hafdal
1st Assistant
The Golf Academy at Power Ranch

Jesse is originally from Alexandria, MN where he was a standout high school golfer. After high school Jesse accepted a scholarship to play at St. Cloud State University where after 1 successful season he turned professional in 2010.  After 7 years of professional play Jesse accepted the position of 1st assistant at Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch where he runs day to day operations of the golf course.  Jesse is currently in level 1 of the PGA program to become a class “A” member.

Jesse’s teaching philosophy is that everyone has their own swing and that there is no single way to get good results.  Under the tutelage of Director of Instruction Mike Schlund, Jesse continues to broaden his teaching abilities and knowledge. 

Jesse also believes every student learns in different ways. Some need to see the correct positions to understand the golf swing others need to feel the correct positions and they can process the golf swing better that way. The Golf Academy at Power Ranch has the most up to date technology in the business which allows us to teach each student the best way possible. Whether it through recorded footage of the golf swing, ball flight and swing path numbers using flight scope or good old fashion hands on teaching.  Jesse is well equipped to help each student learn in the best way possible.

“My Goal with each student is to identify their goals and give them the tools to reach them. Whether they want to go from a 38 handicap down to a 20 handicap, go from a 10 handicap to a 4 handicap or go from a 4 handicap to a scratch golfer. My goal is to always give them the tools necessary to accomplish those goals. “ – Jesse Hafdal