PRIVATE LESSON - One Hour Lesson - $80 / Series of 5 - $320

Private lesson using dual camera swing analysis featuring MotionView software.  This allows instant visual feedback with live feed video to increase feel and awareness. 

Flightscope launch monitor will give swing/club/ball data so the student can see how making adjustments affects club face position, club speed and ball flight. 

Edufii PC/App will document lesson recap, drills and plan moving forward.


SEMI-PRIVATE Half Hour Lessons - $80 / Series of 5 - $320

A great way to get a spouse, significant other or family member involved!  Two students receive a half hour of instruction each back to back. 

All the same benefits of the One Hour lesson for each student but half the time!



A unique new service featuring Flightscope launch monitor!  Knowing how far your clubs CARRY is a key component to good golf.  We will hit every club in your bag and get an average carry distance for each club. 

This will show your true yardages and also show that there might not be a consistent gap between each club as your set progresses. 

This is an invaluable tool for on course success!


PING Club Fitting - $75*

If you are ready for a new set of clubs this is the first step.  With the PING fitting cart we will configure the correct lie angle, shaft type, flex and length to help you hit the irons pure and get the correct head/shaft configuration for Driver and longer clubs. 

Every level of golfer should be fit for equipment to maximize potential!

*Fitting fee will be applied to balance of purchases over $399